Eni Gas & Power Case Study - Energy Solution Web App

Eni Gas & Power is a subsidiary of the Eni Company, one of the largest industrial companies in the world headquartered in Rome, Italy.

As part of the Eni Gas & Power Genius campaign, TrueChoice Solutions developed a web application to help Eni customers understand different energy solutions and direct them to related products.

The application prompted users to rate their preferences across an array of options, calculating what products would fit individual user’s needs. Data from user input would be analyzed and reported back to Eni so the company could better tailor themselves to meet consumer demand.

Design Requirements

  • User interface design had to fit the branding of Eni
  • User experience had to be intuitive and engaging in order to avoid survey fatigue
  • Application had to be responsive so one application could be accessed across any device
  • Application had to be embedded in client’s website
  • Both English and Italian had to be supported
  • The application would be broken into three parts; A splash page, survey pages using various widgets to collect user imput, and a recommended product page telling the user which energy solution best fits their needs


Once we translated the Eni Gas & Power branding to our wireframes, we began expanding our standard application wireframes to better represent the Genius campaign.

Eni values its online engagement and to deliver the best user experience, the Genius application had to seamlessly emulate the company website. Eni Gas & Power’s online branding is clean and light, with the brand’s signature yellow being reserved for interactive elements. Large icons add color to the website and aid the information presented.

User scenarios

The following user scenarios were developed to accurately define Eni's user base, including the way these users behaved and several possible use cases for the app:

Spontaneous Planned A Planned B Planned C

Spontaneous visits to the Eni Gas & Power website to learn more information from the website.

Desire comes from a need for research on power and gas solutions and offerings.

User receives email invitation from Eni linking to the tool directly.

User becomes exposed to the tool via Eni promotional material; billboards, TV ads and other marketing materials.

User accesses the tool after seeing a friend post about their results via social media.


With common scenarios in place, we were able to define detailed personas, giving context to the design of the app.

Person #1 Person #2 Person #3
Name & Job Anna, Renter Marco, Home Owner Alessandro, Landlord
Age group 18-24 y.o. 25-45 y.o. 45-65 y.o.
Motivation and benefits of product usage

Wanted to save money on her gas bill, but didn't make it a high priority.

First time home owner who was setting up his gas and power. Is a returning Eni customer. An environment cautious person wanting to explore green friendly options.

Renting out his property and wanted to give tenant prospects and idea of what the gas and power bill may be.

Way to product

Saw friend's posting on social media that relayed her results of playing the app.

Was exposed to the app via an email blast sent from Eni to his inbox.

Saw a billboard promoting the app while driving.

Digital literacy




Final Design


The final application, titled “La Tua Offerta Ideale” (“Your Ideal Offer”) launched in June 2017 on the Eni Gas and Power website as part of the company's Genius campaign.

Eni Genius billboard in Italy
La Tua Offerta Ideale television spot